Everyone who has internet must use few apps or services which collects their data. So to make sure your private data or personal information is secured, you need to use the best VPN. If you are worried about your online privacy and security, VPN apps are the best solution. In this guide, you are going to know about the top and best VPN apps for PC that you can try in 2018. All these VPN for PC apps works fine on both Windows and Mac OS. So without wasting any time, let’s take a look at these best VPN applications.

What is VPN?

VPN means a virtual private network which lets you secure your private data and personal information from hackers. In short, it acts as a shield when browsing the internet. Your identity will be hidden and no one can spy on you. You will also be safe and secure from hackers and malware.

Uses of VPN?

The main uses of VPNs are given below:

  • It secures your private data and keeps your personal information safe from hackers.
  • Your online identity will be hidden.
  • No one can track or spy on your online activities.
  • Unblock your favorite websites, apps, and games.
  • Get access to geo-restricted content and videos.

Best VPN for PC Windows and Mac

You know there are many VPNs available for PC, but finding the best one is difficult. Now you don’t need to worry as we are bringing the list of all the best VPN apps you can use on your PC. These VPN applications work on both Mac and Windows. Some of these are paid, but most of them are free to download and use. So let’s check out this list:

Rocket VPN for PC

Rocket VPN is a free VPN application. It encrypts your personal information/private data to keep it secure. You can surf the web being anonymous and secure. No third party can monitor your online activities after using rocket VPN app.

  • Secures your internet connection
  • Lets you surf securely and safely
  • Protects your online identity
  • Guards your privacy

Download Rocket VPN for PC


Another great, smooth and free VPN app. Use it to unblock the blocked websites, apps and games. No registration is required and it is 100% unlimited to use. No bandwidth, session or speed restrictions.

  • Unblock your favorite apps and websites.
  • Super fast speed
  • secure your online activities
  • easy to use
  • Anonymous connection and privacy protection

Download Hot VPN for PC

VPN Monster for PC

VPN monster is a free and top vpn proxy which offers unlimited bandwidth and secure internet browsing. You can use it to easily access your favorite sites and apps. All your online activities will be anonymous. Not only it is free vpn but also fast and secure as well. So download this vpn right now and start using it.

  • unblock apps and websites easily.
  • privacy protection and anonymous connection
  • secure your all online activities.

Download VPN Monster for PC

Flash VPN for PC

Flash VPN is a great free VPN proxy service. No configuration is required and it offers one click to connect feature. Also, there is no time limitation, so enjoy unlimited bandwidth using Flash VPN. Have a look at useful features of Flash VPN for PC:

  • No time limitation.
  • Unblock geo restricted websites and content.
  • Offers multi locations VPN servers.
  • With just one click, connect with your favorite VPN server.
  • Improves your security and protects your privacy.

Download Flash VPN for PC

VPN Robot for PC

VPN Robot is completely free and faster VPN. It offers unlimited VPN service with worldwide VPN locations to the users. You can use VPN robot for accessing yur favorite movies, watching geo restricted videos and unblocking websites. It also protects your privacy and secures wifi hotspot connection.

  • unblock and get access to apps/websites.
  • enhanced security & privacy
  • free and unlimited bandwidth
  • no credit card and registration required.

Download VPN Robot for PC

Hi VPN for PC

Hi VPN offers faster and secure VPN proxy service. It unblocks your favorite apps and websites easily. You can browse the web anonymously and safely. Your IP address will be hidden so no one will be able to track your online activities. Hi VPN comes with multi locations VPN proxy servers such as UK, USA, Germany, France and others.

  • protects online identity
  • monitors network usage and speed in real time
  • guards your privacy and secures wifi hotspot connection.
  • provides fake gps
  • lets you unblock websites and applications.

Download Hi VPN for PC

VPN Master for PC

No username, password or registration is needed to use VPN master for PC. Simply install it and enjoy the unlimited bandwidth vpn proxy. Use it to unblock the websites on android/pc. Also, you can bypass the blocked videos and browse the internet safely and anonymously. It works with all the mobile data carriers.

Download VPN Master for PC

Zero VPN for PC

Zero VPN is another great application which secures your network and unblocks your favorite websites. You can also get access to the blocked apps and games as well. It hides your IP address and protects your device from malware when connected with hotspot. Use it to browse the internet safely and anonymously.

Download Zero VPN for PC

Yoga VPN for PC

Use Yoga VPN to straem your favorite videos and other online content which is blocked in your region. It hides your real IP and provides the fast proxy. The top notch features of Yoga VPN are given below:

  • Privacy protection
  • Anonymous and secure browsing
  • unblock apps & websites
  • simple and easy to use
  • free & unlimited

Download Yoga VPN for PC

Turbo VPN for PC

Turbo VPN is completely free VPN. Use it to access the geo restricted content on android and PC. It also secures wifi hotspot connection and protects user’s privacy.

  • Encrypts data using TCP/UDP
  • Unblock sites and videos with the free proxy
  • bypass firewalls in school, college to access your desired content
  • free to download and faster proxy

Download Turbo VPN for PC

Super VPN for PC

One of the free and best VPN available for PC users. It is easy to use and secures your private date from hackers. You can unblock the blocked websites easily using Super VPN for PC. It also offers unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speed and encrypts the internet traffic. You can use this VPN for free for 20 days after that you can use it for 1 hour each session. Once the session ends, simply reconnect and enjoy the new session.

Download Super VPN for PC

VPN Melon for PC

VPN Melon is another secure and safe way to surf the internet. It is easy to use VPN app which encrypts your connection in a few seconds. Just click on connect button and surf the web being anonymous. VPN Melon automatically chooses the fast server location based on your network performance.

Download VPN Melon for PC

Psiphon Pro for PC

Psiphon Pro hides your online identity and secures your connection when connected with WiFi hotspots. You can use Psiphon pro to access anything on the web.

  • no registration required
  • open source and trusted VPN
  • use Psiphon pro vpn with your customized proxy settings

Download Psiphon Pro for PC

Secure VPN for PC

Do you want to access your favorite apps and websites? No need to worry now, because you can use Secure VPN to unblock them. Below are some of the top notch features of secure VPN.

  • one tap connect vpn proxy server
  • easy to use
  • stable, fast and high speed VPN
  • browse the web anonymously
  • secure your online activities

Download Secure VPN for PC

VPN 360 for PC

  • it hides your IP address
  • secures your wifi connection and online activities
  • also protects your privacy
  • anonymous surfing
  • faster and secure vpn proxy

Download VPN 360 for PC

SkyVPN for PC

  • private and anonymous browsing
  • unlimited and free vpn service
  • bypass any blocked apps and websites
  • fast global vpn server
  • easy and simple to use

Download SkyVPN for PC

Atom VPN for PC

  • no sign up or registration is needed
  • unblock websites and access them easily
  • watch your favorite videos from any location
  • hide your real ip address

Download Atom VPN for PC

Lantern VPN for PC

  • easy and fast to use vpn
  • encrypts your online traffic
  • bypass social networking and other websites easily
  • with one click, get connected with your favorite vpn location

Download Lantern VPN for PC

Opera VPN for PC

Opera VPN is one of the top and best VPN clients. You can use it to access any of your favorite website and apps. Browse the web safely and securely being anonymous.

Download Opera VPN for PC

Snap VPN for PC

  • with just one click, connect with your favorite vpn location
  • no sign up/ registration is required
  • unblock your favorite sites using  snap vpn
  • auto sets the faster location based on your connection.

Download Snap VPN for PC

HTTP Injector for PC

  • browse the internet securely and anonymously
  • protects you from getting tracked online
  • no root is needed
  • build in ssh client
  • it secures your online connection using the ssh tunnel

Download HTTP injector for PC

Aloha Browser for PC

  • free unlimited vpn
  • protects your privacy
  • comes with built in ad blocker
  • fast and secure vpn connection
  • built in download manager to download and save videos and other files.

Download Aloha Browser for PC

Speed VPN for PC

  • one click connect VPN
  • unblock geo restricted content
  • multi location proxy service
  • prevents online tracking and protects privacy
  • no sign up/registration required

Download Speed VPN for PC

Amaze VPN for PC

Amaze VPN is a useful VPN proxy app. It is similar to other VPN applications and offers faster connection and easy to use interface. Use it to get access to your favorite videos, bypass and unblock the blocked sites. The top features of amaze vpn are given below:

  • free & unlimited
  • unblock games, videos and websites easily.
  • changes your ip address
  • bypass geo restricted content using amaze vpn proxy.
  • protects your device from hackers.
  • stay anonymous and safe while browsing the web.

Download Amaze VPN for PC

Express VPN for PC

ExpressVPN is another great VPN app which is popular because of its unique features. It also offers strong encryption and faster performance to the users. Express VPN acts as a proxy server and lets you surf the internet being anonymous, secure and safe. It has more than 150 server locations from 100+ different countries. It is paid VPN application but you can enjoy it on your PC for 30 days.

Download Express VPN for PC

HexaTech VPN for PC

HexaTech VPN is awesome VPN which comes with a faster connection and enhanced privacy and security. You will be safe and secure when connected to public hotspot while using HexaTech VPN. It hides your IP and keeps you anonymous. So hackers and thirty party tracks won’t be able to keep eye on your online activities.

Download HexaTech VPN for PC