Whenever we talk about a company, institution, agency or entity among other similar organizations, it is important that the information that is integrated in them be protected under good security measures. This is where information security is born to keep all important company data safe, from those belonging to the organization itself, such as those linked to workers and customers. Sometimes we confuse this type of security with computer security, but we must bear in mind that the latter only focuses on safeguarding data within a computer system, while information in general can be given in many other contexts among users.

What is information security?

As we indicated, information security encompasses a set of techniques and measures to control all the data that is handled within an institution and ensure that they do not leave that system established by the company. Mainly, these types of systems are based on new technologies, so information security will protect the data that is available on that system and to which only authorized users will have access. On the other hand, you can not make changes to the information unless it is in the hands of users who have the corresponding permissions.

Information security must respond to three main qualities:

On the one hand it must be critical, since it is a fundamental piece so that the company can carry out its operations without taking too many risks. It must also be valuable, since the data that is handled is essential for the future of the business and finally has to be sensitive, since the system can only be accessed by people who are duly authorized. In addition, we must also bear in mind that information security must deal with risks, analyze them, prevent them and find quick solutions to eliminate them if necessary.

The objective of information security: characteristics

The information security has as main objective to protect the data of the companies. But this concept is in general terms, since the system will ensure three fundamental aspects: confidentiality, availability and integrity. To carry out these actions, strategies must be established where the action policies are drafted for each of these cases.The use of technologies must also be established, including security controls and all the processes that will be carried out to detect the risks to which the system can be exposed. Taking all these things into account: what do these three fundamental aspects consist of?


Through it, information security ensures that the data stored in the system is not disclosed to other entities or individuals who are not authorized to access that information.


All information that is collected in the system must always be available to authorized users at any time they need to access it.


For the system to be true, the data must not be manipulated. This ensures that the information collected is accurate and has not been modified unless an authorized user has done so by express order.

The services offered by information security

We are already clear that information security ensures the proper functioning of company data and the transmission of information from one user to another provided they are authorized. But also thanks to this security we guarantee that all messages that are carried out will be sent by an accredited sender and that the corresponding receiver will receive them without any interruptions.

It is also a system that uses different protocols to perform its function correctly. We speak, for example of cryptography, which uses an encrypted code, identification, to validate the process and even a logical sequencing by which all the steps of sending messages are carried out.

It should also be taken into account that within the security of information another very important aspect is to know the techniques to prevent risks. There are companies that try to avoid them at all costs, others that reduce them to the lowest level and even those that accept them and try to solve the problem or instead share the risk. All this is part of the learning and knowledge that security professionals can obtain by taking the Master in Business Information Security, which opens many doors to find work.