Yes, this is a dilemma that we have all faced, mainly during our trips: make use of your precious data package or opt for public WiFi networks, knowing that these are notoriously insecure? The solution? A VPN server for Android.

Logging in using a public WiFi network has more dangers than people think. Setting up a free public WiFi is a simple process for anyone with three front fingers and a working computer; However, doing so can make them an easy prey for professional hackers.

So what are the dangers? When you log in to an unsecured wireless network, your data travels to the Internet without any encryption. This means that the WiFi service host can see everything your computer sends and receives. Of course, many hosts are respectable companies that guarantee the security of their users, but what happens if the “free Starbucks WiFi” you access is not Starbucks, but someone else’s router, sitting on the other side of the cafeteria? This means that each email, each password and each private conversation will be exposed, without your knowledge.

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Encrypted Connections through a VPN
A VPN connection through Android is synonymous with a reliable solution. VPN connections are automatically provided with encryption. This does not prevent anyone from taking advantage of your connection, but it makes it very unlikely that someone can read what you wrote or access your bank details.

Do you travel with a large data package and do not need a public WiFi network? In that case, it is also advisable to use a VPN server for your mobile Internet activities. The protection you get from the encryption of a VPN acts as protection against anyone who is too interested in the actions you take online. As an additional benefit, the VPN makes websites and services unable to mark you online advertisements, providing you with a better browsing experience.

Transmitting through a VPN from Abroad

Using a VPN server on a smartphone also has other advantages if it is used from abroad. Along with data protection, a VPN server can be used to stream content that is not available in the region in which it is located. This is called circumvention of geographic blocks and is only possible with the use of a VPN service.Watching Netflix United States transmissions on your smartphone while in an Asian airport is easy, as is configuring your phone to host a VPN service. Most VPN providers offer special applications for smartphones, which are designed to have a VPN service running in a couple of moments. Something that is ideal for inexperienced VPN users!

For people who are better versed in the world of VPN services, an OpenVPN connection might be interesting. OpenVPN is an open source application that will help you connect to the VPN provider of your choice. Most providers have preset profiles for OpenVPN, which guarantees quick access to the service.

To find out which VPN provider offers the best support for Android smartphones (and also for other types), do not hesitate to check our list of VPN providers.

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