One way to stay safe on the Internet is to use it anonymously. This can be achieved by using a proxy server (browser proxy) or by changing the IP address. But you can go even further and take advantage of the VPN connection in order to encrypt all Internet traffic while maintaining anonymity.

If you feel the need to maintain anonymity on the Web, then we have prepared a selection of the best proxy servers and VPNs.

What is the essence of a proxy?

Web proxy allows you to browse web pages anonymously, as the data passes through several servers located in different parts of the world. This greatly complicates the task of an attacker to track your IP.

A secure proxy server acts as a tunnel between your computer and the sites you visit. As long as the connection through the proxy is used, you get the following advantages: anonymity, privacy and almost complete freedom.

Note: connecting through a proxy server allows you to only change the IP address, but not encrypt the transmitted Internet traffic, so the Internet provider can still see what you are doing on the Web. Proxy servers are suitable only in cases where you need to mask your own location. For example, adjust to the country for which there are serious discounts in some online stores. But if you need more anonymity and data protection, then I recommend using the services of VPN services.

When using an online browser proxy, be careful. Some proxy services have been caught tracking users and reselling data.


HideMyAss ProxyHMA is a very popular service. The company itself is located in the UK and offers a fairly simple solution for surfing the Internet. In addition, HMA launched its own address bar, which allows you to get to sites, hiding their real location. Among other advantages of this service, the presence of an SSL certificate can be noted.

The service used to be known as proxy opera. Instructions for use directly on the site. You just need to enter the site URL in the address bar presented at the bottom of the page, and press “GO”.


It is a free proxy browser that allows its users to use the Internet safely. This service allows you to specify the site that you want to open, as well as select the IP that you would like to use. In addition, your current IP address is displayed until you change it. This demonstrates the operation of the service in real time.

Hideme proxy

If you need a very fast free proxy server without annoying ads and pop-ups, then is ideal. It allows you to use URL or page encryption. In addition, users can choose from three different locations, including the Netherlands, Germany and the United States.


An online proxy browser is located on a gigabit network, which guarantees high and stable speed. Near the address bar, several additional options are offered that will help optimize the work with the service. It is possible to encrypt the URL and